Staff profile

Dr Amelia Woodward

Researcher in Health and Social Care


College of Health, Psychology and Social Care

Research centre

Health and Social Care Research Centre




Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I have  worked as a Research Fellow in the  Health and Socail Care Research Centre since 2014. I have a background in psychology and expertise in delivering both qualitative and quantitative research. Since working at the Centre I have been involved in a number of primary care and public health research projects. My research focuses on exploring the beliefs and behaviours of segments of the local population. including examining the drinking behaviours of women aged 45-64 and understanding why people use A&E departments rather than other NHS services. Previously I managed a large RCT examining the effects of omega-3 supplementation on childrens learning and behaviour. 


Teaching responsibilities

I occassionally teach sessions on quantitative research methods and statistics to students in Health and Social Care and provide research support to students and staff. 



Recent publications


Hogan, S., Sheffield, D & Woodward, A. (2017) The value of art therapy in antenatal and postnatal care: A brief literature review with recommendations for future research.  International Journal of Art Therapy, DOI: 10.1080/17454832.2017.1299774

Kirby, A., Woodward, A.J., Jackson, S., Wang Y., & Crawford M.A. (2010) The association of fatty acid deficiency symptoms (FADS) with actual essential fatty acid status in cheek cells. Prostaglandins Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids, 83(1),1-8.

Kirby, A., Woodward, A.J., Jackson, S., Wang Y., & Crawford M.A. (2010). A double-blind, placebo-controlled study investigating the effects of omega-3 supplementation in children aged 8-10 years from a mainstream school population. Research in Developmental Disabilities 31(3),718-30.

Kirby, A., Woodward, A.J., Jackson, S., Wang Y., & Crawford M.A. (2010) Childrens' learning and behaviour and the association with cheek cell polyunsaturated fatty acid levels. Research in Developmental Disabilities 31(3), 731-42.

Kirby, A., Woodward, A.J., & Jackson, S. (2009). Benefits of omega-3 supplementation for schoolchildren; review of the current evidence. British Educational Research Journal, 6, 1-32.

Woodward, A.J., Macken, W.J., & Jones, D.M. (2005). Linguistic familiarity in short-term memory: A role for (co-)articulatory fluency? Journal of Memory and Language, 58, 48-68.