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Dr Amanda Baxendale

Business Engagement and Innovation Manager


Amanda is Business Engagement and Innovation Manager for the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE).

She has spent her entire career working at the interface between University and industry. This has included working for a spin-out company of the University of Nottingham which exploited the properties of super critical fluid to encapsulate pharmaceutical companies into proprietary drug delivery technologies.

Amanda worked in technology transfer and knowledge transfer roles at the University of Birmingham and University of Sheffield, within healthcare and biosciences, before moving to Derby. She has now spent four years at the University of Derby supporting knowledge transfer across a wider range of disciplines, before moving to focus her efforts on engineering and manufacturing at IISE.

As Business Engagement and Innovation Manager for IISE, she works with companies to develop collaborative relationships. This may involve facilitating innovation discussions, planning projects, making connections with relevant research staff, identifying and applying for funding to deliver collaborative projects.


Professional interests

Everybody else's research! I like helping others achieve what they want to out of their research and ideas.

Membership of professional bodies

I am a Member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science of Great Britain


Experience in industry

I worked as a Biologics Scientist and Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies Manager, for Critical Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Nottingham. I was a member of a small close-knit team within Critical Pharmaceuticals for over two years. The majority of my time was spent working on the proof of concept of use of the company's proprietary technology for controlled release single dose vaccines. Working towards Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), I ran my own research programme (a BBSRC Small Business Research Initiative), planning and undertaking my own research including devising new assays and collaborating with Unviersity of Nottingham. I also got a good grounding in the running of a small business. I was involved in operations management, preparing reports to our funders (private investors and Research Councils), exploring business development opportunities, marketing and PR, and advising and taking advice from our Directors and advisers. 

I have also worked in the biochemistry laboratories of an NHS hospital; what was then, the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, which gave me a good insight into the automation and quality management requirements of a high throughput laboratory.

Additional interests and activities

I regularly attend industry focused and networking events, to develop contacts to bring back into the University. I am always willing to visit organisations with academics, allowing the partnership to focus on the project being developed together, whilst I take care of the collaborative process.

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