Staff profile

Dr Alex Barker


Lecturer in Psychology


College of Health, Psychology and Social Care





I have worked in higher education since 2016 through research and teaching-based positions. I joined the University of Derby as a lecturer in 2022. 

Teaching responsibilities

I am the module leader for Individual Differences (Online) and Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (Qualitative Lead). I also lecture on Introduction to Social and Cognitive Psychology, Addictive Behaviours, Cyberpsychology and the MSc Behaviour Change

Professional interests

Public Health, Addictions, Social Psychology, Health Psychology

Research interests

My main research interest involves unhealthy commodity promotion and advertising, the behavioural and health effects of this, and youth exposure to this. I also have an interest in the psychosocial effects of health conditions and how social psychology can protect against this having studied this throughout my PhD in people with multiple sclerosis and through a post-doc exploring this in people with hearing loss.

Membership of professional bodies

I am a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.


In the media


July - I was the lead author on a study looking at junk food content in children's TV programmes, this was reported in the Daily Mail - 'Young children are being bombarded with junk food content in their favourite TV shows including Paw Patrol, Teletubbies and Fireman Sam, study finds'

June - I contributed to this report by Alcohol Focus Scotland looking at the effects of alcohol marketing exposure on the general population and those at risk of an alcohol problem. This received national media attention, such as this newspaper article in The Times - 'Ban alcohol adverts to boost health, Scottish government urged'

June - I contributed to this article on the portrayal of drinking on television - 'Alcohol Review, Alcohol understanding for all'

May - I was a co-author of this report on Cross-Border Alcohol Marketing from the World Health Organization - 'WHO highlights glaring gaps in regulation of alcohol marketing across borders'

May - I was the senior author on this paper looking at alcohol and junk food promotion in the 2018 World Cup - 'Alcohol Review, Alcohol understanding for all'

May - Press release for a paper I was the lead author on exploring the amount of alcohol, tobacco and junk food content in Reality TV programmes - 'Research reveals ‘millions’ of chances for young people to view alcohol, tobacco and junk food on reality TV shows'. This received widespread media attention including national newspapers (such as The Daily Mail), Radio, and TV appearances (The Jeremy Vine Show, GB News). I also wrote a guest blog for the Institute of Alcohol Studies - '‘Let’s get Mortal!’ Alcohol content in reality TV programmes over a 1-year period and youth exposure'

May - Press release for a paper I co-authored on smoking and vaping content in films and uptake in young people - 'Exposure to smoking and vaping in films increases uptake in young people – new study'

April - A guest blog for the Alcohol Health Alliance on Alcohol brands featuring in Soap Operas - 'NoLo product placement in soap operas: Alcohol health promotion or alibi branding?'

March - Discussing smoking portrayals on TV on BBC Radio 4 - 'The National Theatre's Rufus Norris, smoking on screen, Alison Brackenbury's poetry collection Thorpeness'

Recent publications

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