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Level 7

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20 credits



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About this module 

The aim of this CASE accredited module is to produce a competent, reflective and autonomous practitioner capable of safe and effective use of ultrasound in the assessment of a full range of gynaecology referrals. It focuses on development of competence in a broad range of gynaecology ultrasound referrals. This includes recognition and interpretation of ultrasound appearances of common and complex pelvic pathology in women of all age groups.

200 total learning hours for the module include five full days of on campus teaching / tutorials and directed study tasks. In addition, you will require access to a suitable clinical placement for a recommended minimum of 14 hours (two days) per week supervised scanning practice for the duration of the module.

To enrol to this module:

  • you must be studying or have completed the Principles of Medical Ultrasound module (or an equivalent qualification).
  • you must have access to a recommended minimum of two days per week supervised scanning practice with a named ultrasound mentor.

Entry is subject to discussion with module leader and completion of a practice based agreement.

Who is this course for 

  • Career sonographers - your primary role will be the provision of a diagnostic ultrasound service. Normally you will be employed in a general imaging department and planning to begin training in a broad range of ultrasound examinations or you may wish to extend your current ultrasound practice.
  • Specialist gynaecology service providers - you may be a nurse or gynaecologist providing routine / emergency gynaecology ultrasound services.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module you will be able to:

  1. Analyse the needs of the patient, relatives and attendees, reflecting critically on the effectiveness of their communication skills and level of care provided.
  2. Demonstrate the complex skills necessary to plan and perform high quality trans- abdominal and trans-vaginal gynaecological ultrasound examinations safely, competently and professionally, according to the current evidence base.
  3. Interpret, critically evaluate and report upon the ultrasound findings, where necessary, arrange, advise or undertake further investigations appropriate to local policies and contribute effectively to the multi disciplinary healthcare team.
  4. Reflect critically upon the use of ultrasound in gynaecology, the  effectiveness of local gynaecology ultrasound services,  implications for patient management and where appropriate,  propose alternatives for service improvement.

Fees and funding

2021/22 Fees (August 2021 - July 2022)

If this is an LBR (Learning Beyond Registration) course, and you are eligible for LBR funding, the cost is funded by HEEM (Health Education East Midlands) - check the list of LBR courses.

If you are funding your own study, the full cost of this module is £1,000.

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