Patients, Protection and Pedagogy

Inaugural lecture: Professor Stephen Wordsworth

The lecture draws on several different but interconnected aspects of Stephen’s work. Stemming from his experiences working in the operating theatre, to the development of standards of practice, and in his involvement in educational design. These broad themes related to patients, public protection, and pedagogy act as a way of drawing our attention to the central issue of improving the safety and care of patients, particularly those undergoing anaesthesia and surgery. The lecture captures the fact that at various stages and in different ways, such themes continue to be a consistent feature of Stephen’s own personal and professional journey.

This lecture acts as means of reflection on historical developments; and examines the present in relation to roles and responsibilities in the operating theatre, patient care and a culture of safety. This helps us to consider from a patient and practitioner perspective, the broader purpose of health care regulation as a form of public protection, as well as the concept of multi-professional regulation which is considered within the current and future UK context.

Patients, Protection and Pedagogy draws on experiences and career choices of students which are explained and theorised as a means of preparing them to be the health and social care professionals of the future. Returning to Stephen’s involvement in research and policy development we can begin to consider why patient care can be compromised and why things go wrong.

Professor Stephen Wordsworth's Professorial Inaugural Lecture

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Professor Stephen Wordsworth

Stephen has held several leadership roles in Higher Education he originally qualified as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) and worked in the NHS and independent health care sector. To his knowledge, he is the only ODP to hold the title of Professor.

Stephen has extensive experience in professional and regulatory practice during which time he authored several national policy and curriculum documents. Stephen is currently a registrant non-executive Director of the Health and Care Professions Council and has provided national strategic oversight for the Standards of Proficiency and Standards of Education and Training across 15 distinct health and care professions.