Out of Control: The Evolution and Future of Motoring and Mobility

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Warren Manning

For over 50 years, researchers, scientists and engineers have found new ways of improving the dynamic performance of vehicles to meet customer needs. Safety, comfort, handling, emissions, fuel usage and carbon consumption continues to drive significant changes to the automotive sector and have been major drivers for the innovation and research community to develop generations of active systems from anti-lock braking systems to autonomous vehicles.

Professor Manning's lecture explored the evolution of modern vehicles and how the innovation and research community responded to various imperatives to improve performance. In discussing the future of motoring and how ready the industry is to respond, Professor Manning highlighted key strategic priorities for Derby, particularly in supporting our students through research activity. The lecture also delve into the context and reasoning behind these changes and how the research community has tackled conflicting priorities in consumer and policy demands. Manning explained and discussed the major technologies that have shaped performance across the passenger and motorsport areas using personal experiences and contributions in the field of study.

Inaugural Lecture Series: Provost Research and Innovation, Professor Warren Manning

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Professor Warren Manning

Professor Warren Manning graduated with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds in 1997. This foundation work on the intelligent control of satellite systems led to a career exploring vehicle dynamics and control through academic appointments at Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan (MMU), De Montfort, Sheffield Hallam, and now - Derby University.

Through his research work, he has supported major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers working in passenger cars and motorsport. From 2012 onwards, Professor Manning has undertaken various leadership roles from Head of Division at MMU to Provost Innovation and Research at Derby.