Inaugural Lecture Series

Inaugural Lecture video transcript

We begin with a title card showing the University of Derby logo with text underneath it that reads “Professional Inaugural Lectures.” Music fades in and we cut to shots of Professor Paul Lynch, Professor Stephen Wordsworth and Doctor Denise Backer entering the room dressed in academic gowns and addressing the audience.

Professor Paul Lynch’s voice over begins.

[Paul] Inaugural lectures are a really important part of the life of a university. They mark a rite of passage for a member of staff who has been confirmed as a professor and as recognition for their work in research, learning and teaching or professional practice.

Shots of Stephen talking are intercut with shots of audience members paying close attention to his lecture while Paul’s voice over continues.

[Paul] Inaugural lectures should be accessible to all, not just academics in a particular field, but from any academic in the institution to the students across the institution and members of the public.

We see shots of the audience asking questions and applauding before cutting to shots of the audience and the academic staff gathered in the university atrium. Some people are drinking from wine glasses and eating the food provided while academics can be seen being asked more questions by the audience after the official lecture has ended. Paul continues.

[Paul] Normally, after the inaugural lecture there is a reception which gives the audience the opportunity to celebrate with the person who has given the inaugural lecture but also provides a great opportunity for networking with academic staff, students and also external stakeholders in the university.

The music volume increases, and we cut between shots of audience members talking to academic staff before the University of Derby logo fades in and the music begins to fade out.

Inaugural Lecture video

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