Addressing the problems of growth and productivity
for SMEs

An inaugural lecture by Professor Mark Gilman

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Mark Gilman

With economic growth seen as the principal objective of governments and the dominant process of social amelioration, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have become an integral element in achieving growth. Such an approach has seen specific SME sub-sets prioritised under the presumption their performance will drive economic growth.

Existing methods of SME research are insufficient to address their context-dependent nature. New tools are therefore required to mitigate embedded shortcomings in terms of depth and breadth of understanding alongside impact for practice and for SMEs as active stakeholders in the research process.

This lecture outlined an approach to SME research which addresses these issues. It integrates research with policy and SME requirements. The lecture highlighted a novel contribution to debates on how SME research is undertaken, the development of methodological tools for dealing with the challenges of contemporary research, and methodological approaches integrating research within wider networks/communities.

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Professor Mark Gilman

Mark Gilman is a Professor of Economics with lead responsibilities within the University of Derby Regional Economic Observatory whose purpose is to build a robust evidence base to inform economic and social policy deliberations, engage with people and businesses, and support engagement with national government policy. His focus is on the areas of SME Performance and Growth and Human Resource Management.