Research at the University of Derby video transcript

In our day-to-day lives, we encounter many problems and solve them without even thinking about it. We may not know the answer to the question, so we check the internet, or we may not know how to support someone with chronic pain, so we ask a friend, a doctor, an expert. 

But take a step back for a moment. The answers to the questions we are asking come from research, and the questions we are asking drive our research. 

At the University of Derby, innovation and research is at the heart of everything we do, it informs our learning and teaching, supports businesses, drives partnerships and provides real-world impact. The University Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (URKEO) is responsible for our innovation and research. Guided by our strategy, URKEO are involved in things such as knowledge exchange partnerships, researcher development, funding, ethics, impact, postgraduate research students, learning and teaching, and so many other things.  

So whether you are a researcher, a business or a student, innovation and research really matters – it drives the answers to our questions and the solutions to our problems. Research never stands still, and neither does the University of Derby. 

Research at the University of Derby video

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