What is Enterprise Risk Management? video transcript

So you want to know more about your role in ERM? You might be asking first ‘what is ERM?’. The acronym stands for enterprise risk management but we like to say ‘everyone is a risk manager’. Don’t worry, we’ll come back to that in a minute. People often associate risk with bad things. However this is a narrow view of risk. Risk is uncertainty. Bad things can and do happen but conversely so do good things. This is the challenge of risk management protect UC’s assets by understanding the bad things that can happen and emphasizing the good. This is why we sometimes use risk and opportunity interchangeably. Within every risk there is opportunity and within every opportunity there is risk – seems pretty simple yes? Here’s where you come in. Risk or uncertainty is everywhere. Take our University as an example. Every event, building, student, faculty and staff member and department is exposed to some level of risk. This might be a steric proposition. Me a risk manager? Because risk is everywhere, each of us can influence its influence on our campus and community. How? The steps are very simple and you might be surprised that you do them already. Recognise risk or opportunity in your day to day work or environment? Investigate the impact of that risk or opportunity to the University community. Start taking steps to manage the risk or opportunity and know who to go to for help. Rest assured, the fate of our campus community does not rest solely on your shoulders. We are all in this together. Literally the tens of thousands of people that live and work and play here and our team can help. Enterprise Risk Management provides consultation on all risk areas. We’ve seen it all. We can help find a solution that manages the uncertainty in the situation you face. We look forward to working with you. Thanks for being a great partner.

What is Enterprise Risk Management? video

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