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Duties and Obligations of expert witnesses

An expert witness can be instructed at any stage of a case, such as in the investigation stage (when a case is being built), the court stage (where the case is being heard), or the post-court stage (where sentencing is being delivered) (Davies & Beech, 2017). Depending on the stage, different services would pay to retain an expert witness. For example, if an expert is hired at the investigation stage, then this is often paid for by the police, whereas during the court stage, this is often paid for by the CPS.

An expert witness has many duties and obligations they must meet (Davies & Beech, 2017):

While there are a number of duties that an expert must carry out and a number of obligations they must meet to ensure their evidence is admissible, there are many checks that need to be conducted by legal professionals as well to ensure that the testimony is admissible and required, and that the expert is credible (Davies & Beech, 2017).

We'll further consider the admissibility of expert testimony in the following section.