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Computing and Information Technologies University Advanced Diploma

This course taster will give you a brief but realistic experience of what it’s like to study this course online with us. You’ll see the sort of content you would cover, how we might present it, and examples of tasks you would be expected to complete.

The material comes from a real module, but you shouldn’t assume that the full course will cover this topic in exactly the same way.

Introduction to UDO Your Online Learning Environment

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This course taster is just a small part of what it's like to study online with us. There's a whole learning environment set up specifically to support your studies. As an online student you would also participate in group discussions with other students, work collaboratively on activities, take part in live online classroom sessions and have the ability to reflect on your learning through your own personal blog. You would have direct contact with your academic, a subject specialist, who will assist you in your studies and guide you through the course material. You would also have a dedicated online learner advisor who will be there for you for every step of your journey, providing support on areas such as the pace of your study and choosing your next module.

This course taster should take you around 15-30 minutes to read through and if you wish to complete the learning activities it could take you up to two hours. Feel free to go at your own pace and in your own time. You can start by using the button below or by using the navigation on the left hand side of the page. We hope you enjoy this taste of studying with the University of Derby Online Learning.