Course taster

Unit summary

The ethical climate in which human service professionals practice is increasingly complex, and there are calls for greater attention to ethics within health science curricula. The study of ethics is an essential component of good practice, but it is not a simple tick box exercise. Ethical behaviour begins on a personal level, as we explored in this unit.

In the next unit, we will consider some of the issues and debates around the practice of ethical decision-making, with particular reference to clinical supervision.


This end of unit activity is designed to help you prepare for the final summative assessment.

Prepare a paragraph to describe your current professional and organisational workplace setting. There are no right or wrong answers here. If you are not yet practising clinical supervision, which many of you will not be, instead: describe the organisational context in which you work. How is supervision conveyed? Share any questions in the FAQs section so that we can learn from one another.

Present the paragraph in your Personal Journal (The link to the Personal Journal is not available in this course taster).

Indicate whether or not you would like feedback from your tutor.

Be sure to create a folder on your desktop for this and other formative assignments that relate to your final assignment. This will enable you to locate them easily when you begin to work on your summative essay.