Maltese audiences get the chills with theatrical Sèance from University of Derby lecturer

22 October 2019

This Halloween, horror superfans are set to have their steady nerves tested with a new one man show exploring the Victorian Séance by University of Derby lecturer, Dr Thomas Craig.

Dr Craig, who is Programme Leader for Film Production at the University, will star in 12 performances of ‘Dr. Thomas Charles Craig: Séance’ over four days from 31 October to 3 November at Sergeants Mess, Old Prison in Kordin, Malta.

Definitely not your usual haunted house experience, ‘Dr. Thomas Charles Craig: Séance’ is a one-hour, live interactive experience, blending storytelling, historical fact, audience participation and jaw-dropping illusions.

The eerie venue for the show is based inside Corradino Military Prisons, constructed in 1866 to originally house naval prisoners. Aside from providing the perfect dramatic backdrop and spooky atmosphere for the production, there is another connection between Derby and Malta behind the decision to hold the show there.

As well as being home to some of the best-known film and TV locations, including Gladiator, Troy and, more recently, Game of Thrones, over the past five years, Malta has also become home to some of the University’s Film Production students for six months of the year as part of an internship with production company, Halo Pictures.

The show is a collaboration between University of Derby staff, students and graduates who have supported the production and promotion of the show.

A theatrical trailer and video elements for the show have been produced with help from Film Production students and the visual effects have been provided by a Visual Effects and Post Production graduate. Stuart Poynton, Programme Leader for Animation at the University, has also created animation elements.

Dr Craig said: “The show presents a sophisticated and thought-provoking insight into the world of the Victorian Séance, while taking the audience on an unforgettable supernatural adventure.

“Audiences and, in particular, horror fans are constantly bombarded with new films with special effects and big budgets, but they are becoming tired of seeing the same thing again and again. My goal with this show is to provide them with a hybrid of performance styles and genres to give them something new and unexpected.

“There will be people out there who are not sure about the idea of a séance or worried about being involved in something out of their comfort zone but, they can rest assured, this is a purely theatrical séance with the emphasis on entertainment. Having said that, it will leave even the most cynical of non-believers questioning the validity of their own beliefs, so be ready to be astounded!”

Professor Keith McLay, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean of the College of Art, Humanities and Education at the University of Derby added: “The University of Derby is delighted to support one of our own, Dr Thomas Charles Craig’s new show Séance. Involving students and colleagues from the Film Production and Animation programmes, it is a model of co-production within our learning community.

“Ranging across the world of the Victorian séance and performed in an old prison, Séance will be an edgy and unsettling immersive experience for the audience. Quite right too, for that is the hallmark of intellectual and creative endeavour at the University of Derby.”

A limited parlour version of the show will be hosted at The Georgian House Hotel in Derby on Friday 6 December 2019, Saturday 8 January and Saturday 29 February 2020. While the show has many similarities, it has been re-written to incorporate the history of The Georgian House Hotel, which has a track record of confirmed ghost sightings. More information about the UK shows and details of how to book tickets can be found on the Dr Thomas Charles Craig, Séance Facebook page.

Tickets for ‘Dr. Thomas Charles Craig: Séance’ are available to order.

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Maltese audiences get the chills with theatrical Sèance from University of Derby lecturer

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