University of Derby photography student showcases final year work

25 May 2018

A University of Derby photography student has celebrated the photographic history of the people of Derby with a 20-feet tall sculptural installation for her final year exhibition.


Danielle Shambley, a third year BA (Hons) Photography student, has created a cascading installation called ‘Eructate: The 90th Year’ using thousands of local family archive images taken between 1928 and the present day.

Danielle’s work, which spans three mezzanine floors of the University’s Markeaton site, represents the synergy between the Derby School of Arts finding independence 90 years ago this year, and domestic family photography becoming commonplace in the UK in the same year.

She sourced the images used in the piece through public call outs for donations via social media and through local radio listeners.

The sculpture is just one of the exhibits on display from emerging artists on the University’s photography programme for the ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ graduate show. The exhibition opens to the public on June 1 with a drinks reception from 6pm.

Danielle said: “Back in January, I discussed the possibilities of creating a sculptural piece of work on an immense scale with my tutors and this is how 'Eructate: The 90th Year' came to light.

“I am very grateful that so many people came together and really understood the investment of the work before it was even there. Without the support from my personal tutors, the engineering department and the Union of Students, I wouldn't have been able to fully realise this work. 

“The BA (Hons) Photography course has given me the confidence to grow as a person and as an artist. The staff at the university provide never-ending support for all their students and I am truly excited and ready to carry on a career down this pathway.” 

Gemma Marmalade, Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Derby, added: “The BA Photography programme team is immensely proud of Danielle. The very core of our programme ethos is to engage in challenging, radical and informed approaches to photography in the widest sense. It is knowing through a coalescence of Danielle’s determination and a university-wide collegiate attitude of support that would realise this awesomeproject. But it started with Danielle’s brilliant vision and the unconditional support of the teaching team to see this process through.”

As well at the photography show, The Degree Show 2018 showcases the very best in young and emerging creative innovation across the strata of art, engineering and health at the University. The show is open to the public daily between 9am - 7pm from Saturday 2 to Wednesday 13 June 2018 at the Markeaton Street site.