University launches ‘first of its kind’ app to help students calculate tariff points

25 May 2016

Students across the country struggling to calculate their UCAS Tariff points can now benefit from a new app called ‘UniPoints’.

The app, launched by the University of Derby, is applicable to students who want to go to university or college starting from September 2017 onwards. UniPoints enables students to enter their qualifications or predicted grades to calculate points under the new UCAS Tariff system, which will then identify courses at the University of Derby that match their tariff points.

The app, which is thought to be the first of its kind, is for parents, students and teachers to easily calculate tariff points.

The University conducted research with existing students, in order to develop the app. Third year, Geology student Marjorie Tang, who was within the research group said: “I think that having an app to help calculate UCAS points is an excellent idea and long overdue.

“Many students are unsure of where they stand in terms of points and I found calculating how many points I had really tedious. 

“I think it would have been useful when I was looking for universities as I could quickly calculate how many points I was predicted to achieve and would be able to make a choice a lot quicker.”

Angeline Ellson, Head of Marketing Services at the University of Derby, added: “We decided to devise the app as we appreciate the decision to go to University can be overwhelming so we want to make the first step for prospective students as easy as possible.”