Tackling violent extremism: Academic to give talk on how terrorism can be addressed

22 January 2016

A sociologist at the University of Derby is to question what can be done to tackle violent and non-violent extremism in a public lecture next week.

Dr Phil Henry, who is Director of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University, will explore the common themes identifiable across forms of terrorism and extremism, discuss how communities respond and how best should they be engaged, as well as the process of understanding radicalisation. 

The event will take place at the University’s Kedleston Road site on Thursday, January 28 at 6pm.

Dr Henry said: “The potential influence of extremist ideologies is a concern for current and future generations, the language of balanced public debate seems to be missing from the public square.

“If these issues are to be addressed appropriately, wider and more constructive public conversations are a necessity.”

Advertising the Extremism event

The talk, which comes as part of the University’s new Public Lecture Series, will also see Dr Henry discuss the background to the UK’s counter terrorism policy CONTEST and the Government’s Prevent Strategy, as well as question whether the language of policy makers is part of the problem or solution to tackling extremism and whether strategies in place are fit for purpose.  

Dr Henry said he believes violent and non-violent extremism can be confronted.

He added: “It can be tackled using open public engagement to reduce fear of the state, myth busting and often sensationalised media representations.

“We can all work to support attitudinal and behavioural changes associated with a range of ideological, social and political action to develop resilience and support for those working hard to eradicate divisive narratives within populations.”