Secrets of forensic science to be revealed in public lecture

21 June 2016

Budding CSIs and anyone with an interest in forensic science will get the opportunity to find out how and why “every contact leaves a trace” in a lecture delivered by the University of Derby’s Head of Forensic Science on Wednesday, 29 June.

Dr Ian Turner will look at the role of forensics in modern criminal investigations, dividing the facts from the fiction shown in TV programmes such as CSI and Prime Suspect, and demonstrating how real crime scene investigators and forensic scientists investigate serious crime.

This talk will explore evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, footwear marks and fibres and discuss some of the amazing techniques used in their analysis.

Dr Ian Turner, Head of Forensic Science at the University of Derby, said: “Forensic science covers everything from entomology; using insects to establish time of death to toxicology the analysis of drugs and poisons.

CSI Derby

“This talk will hopefully leave the audience mesmerised by a truly fascinating subject. We look forward to welcoming both students and members of the public with a keen interest in forensic science.”

This event takes place on Wednesday, 29 June 2016 at 6.30pm at Derby Cathedral, 18-19 Iron Gate, Derby, DE1 3GP. It’s free to attend but booking is essential.

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