Mother and daughter who studied same University course land job in same hospital team

14 January 2016

A mother and daughter who both studied Occupational Therapy at the University of Derby have gained a job in the same hospital team.

Lisa Turner completed the BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy course in 2012, just months before her daughter Rosie signed up to the same degree.

Lisa works as a senior occupational therapist in the Medicine and Surgery team at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and will welcome Rosie to the team next month.

And today (January 14), the pair will celebrate as Rosie graduates at Derby Arena as part of the University’s award ceremonies. 

Mother and daughter who studied same University course

Lisa, 47, of Somercotes, said: “I am so glad I chose to undertake a degree in occupational therapy at the University of Derby as it has led to a very successful and rewarding career.

“In addition, this has inspired my own daughter to follow in my footsteps and I am extremely proud of her and look forward to working with her and sharing our love for occupational therapy for the foreseeable future.”

Lisa’s career path at the University of Derby began in 2002 when she undertook a BA (Hons) degree in Education Studies and English before returning to study at the University in 2009 after a complete change in career paths.  

Rosie signed up to the Occupational Therapy course in 2012 after being inspired by her mum.

The 22-year-old, of Heanor, said: “I knew I wanted to study Occupational Therapy ever since I was at school so choosing a university course was not a difficult decision to make.

“I ranked the University of Derby as my number one choice as I had heard excellent things about it and, as my mum had done two degrees here, I had had first-hand experience of the support she had received.”

Rosie, who is currently working on the Medicine and Surgery ward at the Queen’s Medical Centre, in Nottingham, is due to start her new job in February.

She said: “I was on placement on the Acute Stroke and Stroke Ward at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and I had an amazing experience there which is why I applied for the job.

“My mum just happened to have been offered the senior position for the same team.

“Even knowing my mum worked there I had no doubt that I wanted the job as the Occupational Therapy department at Chesterfield is excellent and I wanted to be a part of it.

“Me and my mum get along very well and so I knew we would work well together and I am very much looking forward to joining her team very shortly.”

Rosie will be among more than 3,000 students who will graduate from the University of Derby this week.

The graduation ceremonies for the class of 2015 will take place between Wednesday (January 13) and Friday (January 15).

Rosie added: “My time at the University of Derby went above and beyond my expectations.

“The lecturers are so enthusiastic and inspirational and truly contributed to my passion for occupational therapy and, even though I am no longer a student and I am in the working world, I know my lecturers will always be on hand to offer support and guidance when I need it.

“On this course, the journey does not end when you graduate but continues as you build your career. I am looking forward to graduation – it has been a long time coming and I can't wait to catch up with friends I made on the course.”

Fiona Page, Programme Lead for BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy at the University of Derby, said: “We are very proud of all our students graduating this week and it has been lovely to have Lisa and now Rosie complete the course with us.

“It is great to hear they will now be working together in a local Trust and we wish them both all the best for their occupational therapy careers.”

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