University launches mobile App to link experts and journalists

2 September 2015

The University of Derby has launched a new App today (September 2, 2015) for the Guide to Expertise, which hosts all of its media friendly experts in order to provide comment on everything from smartphone addiction and geology to zombies and daydreaming.

The App also provides additional information about the University. Each expert is listed under the College or department they work in along with a short biography, but can also be found in the searchable menu.

Alice Oliver, Head of News at the University of Derby, said: “The Guide to Expertisehas been very well received so far. We hope the App will allow journalists to use this on-the-go and the searchable function means it’s very efficient.

“The App showcases the tremendous breadth of knowledge we have at Derby from serious academic subjects to more light-hearted topics. We have a whole host of experts in-house who have conducted extensive research projects, worked in a variety of industries and are really media-friendly.

“We are called upon daily to provide expert comment for writers and broadcasters on a wide variety of subjects. The news agenda moves fast, so we developed the App and the Guide to help journalists get to the facts and the people they want to speak to as quickly as possible”.