Top University of Derby road repair student to be awarded by Nynas Bitumen prize

6 February 2015

Nynas UK AB bitumen specialist is giving University of Derby students taking the Diploma in Road Surface Treatments the opportunity to be awarded the Nynas Bitumen prize for ‘Best Student’ in 2014/15.

The winning Diploma student will receive a £250 cash prize and be presented with a certificate by Nynas.

Derby’s Road Surface Treatments Diploma, which launched in 2014, is designed to give highway engineers the skills they need at a time when demand for better road surfaces and pavements is high.

Road Surface Treatments Association

The online, distance-learning course has been developed jointly by the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) and the Institute of Asphalt Technology (IAT), to reflect best practice in the industry.

This is the first university level academic qualification for the road surface treatments industry and is delivered by professionals to give students a detailed knowledge of road surfacing in what is a complex area of construction.

Brent Wilson, Nynas UK AB Bitumen Marcoms, said: “Nynas has been a long-term supporter of the courses offered by the University of Derby and we are thrilled to be able to recognise the efforts of students on the RSTA Diploma.

“We’re pleased to support the course development; it equips highway engineers with the required skills to enter the highway maintenance sector skills.”

Talking about the course and prize, Programme Leader, Dr Tony Stock, added: “The University has developed a close relationship with both the RSTA and IAT to create this course; the first higher education qualification for road surface treatments. The Nynas Bitumen prize for ‘Best Student’ is a chance for those students who wish to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry.”