Students' Union staff get election candidates’ vote

22 April 2015

A campaign by staff at the University of Derby's Students' Union to get more young people interested in politics was given a vote of confidence this week, by candidates seeking to be the next MP for High Peak.

Staff at the University's Students’ Union organised a hustings event at the Buxton campus as part of their bid to get more of their members to register to vote.

Daisy Giuliano, President of the Students’ Union, said: "We put on this debate to give people a platform to question the policies of all the major political parties, and to inform our students and members of the public about the current political debates and why it is important to vote."

The packed campaign saw Conservative MP Andrew Bingham debate with Green Party candidate Charlotte Farrell, Liberal Democrat Stephen Worrall, UKIP’s Ian Guiver and Labour’s Caitlin Bisknell.

Mr Bingham added: “One of the difficulties we have in this country is the disconnection between politicians and young people.”

Hustings Buxton

Mr Bingham said that there were more young people in the meeting than he had seen at any other 2015 election event.

Mr Worrall, who is a post-graduate student commented: "My age group, 25 and under is less likely not to vote than to vote. If that continues, the democratic deficit is going to grow.”

Many local people also attended and Daisy said creating engagement between students and the community had been an important goal of the evening.

The hustings meeting was moderated by Chair of the University’s Governing Council, Chris Hughes.

Chris added: “You’ve been a terrific audience and we’ve heard from five very special people one of whom will be the MP for High Peak on May 7. They have each been open, honest and really interesting. It’s now up to you to make your mind up. I hope tonight has helped you make that really important decision.”