Splendour of Cosmos to be projected onto University for Inter Faith Week

4 November 2015

As part of the celebration of Inter Faith Week (November 15-21), the University of Derby Chaplaincy has arranged for ‘Splendour of the Cosmos’ by international artist Sudha Daniel, to be projected onto the exterior wall of the Multi-Faith Centre.

Inter Faith Week highlights the good work fulfilled by local faith, inter faith and faith-based groups and organisations. The art work has been organised in conjunction with the Multi-Faith Centre and has already been successfully projected outdoors onto the Cultural Centre of Perth in Australia.

Sound, Light and Live Event Technology (SLLET) students from the University of Derby have made the project possible.

Thomas Blum, one of the SLLET students who helped set up the projection said: "I am very proud to be a part of this event. The artwork looks fantastic across the face of the Multi-Faith Centre.

splendour of the cosmos

“I got involved in the project through a module on my course called live event practice, in which we go out on real life events such as this one and provide technical services. I am excited for the Inter Faith Week and would encourage as many students as possible to get down to the centre and have a look."

Revd Adam Dickens, Anglican Chaplain and Pastoral Services Co-ordinator at the University of Derby said: “The images bring art, astronomy and spirituality together in a unique way and so make a fitting subject for Inter Faith Week.”

Sudha is a former Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Derby. After his life-changing experience of the devastating Asian Tsunami in 2005, he gave up his job to concentrate on his passion - his painting. His other strengths in photography, music, astronomy, philosophy of science, neuro-aesthetics, art and world religions have influenced his work.

Sudha added: “The curvature of the Multi-Faith Centre wall enhances the nature of the subject as nothing out there in the Cosmos is a flat surface. 

“As a subject for painting and as a colourist, I find the Cosmos very exciting, uplifting and liberating, stretching my imagination to the limit. What a gift and pleasure to celebrate the stunning beauty, awe, wonder, magic and the huge mystery of the infinite Cosmos of which we are an integral part!”

Sudha already has work exhibited at the Multi-Faith Centre, titled Colourful Moods from India.

The projection of the images will take place on Monday 16 - Wednesday 18 November between 4pm-6pm.