New super computer strengthens University partnership with Rolls-Royce

12 November 2015

A new super computer designed by Iceotope and funded by Rolls-Royce has been purchased by the University of Derby to aid further collaborative research projects.

The Iceotope machine, which will be housed in the University’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE), is designed with cutting edge liquid cooling technology that allows complex calculations to process and large amounts of data to be manipulated without over-heating.

Unlike standard computers, the machine has no fan, is virtually silent in operation and offers high density IT, improved performance and a reduction in energy consumption. This machine design offers one of most energy efficient and the densest systems in the world.

The capabilities of the Iceotope machine will allow the University to support local industry, including its ongoing collaborations with Rolls-Royce. IISE will also achieve its potential to become a local computational hub for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region.

Professor Richard Hall, Director of Research, Innovation and Impact at IISE, said: “Research forms a solid base to Derby’s success, and so keeping up to date with new technologies is critical for the future growth of businesses in our region.

news super computer

“The Iceotope machine will be used to deliver a number of projects as part of joint activities between Rolls-Royce and the University. As the first machine commercially delivered by Iceotope, it will act as a very important object for research and we look forward to future collaborations.”

With access to cutting edge computers, software suites and the knowledge to perform the most complex actions, IISE is currently seeking four doctorates and number of other projects in preparation for its latest projects.

The doctorates include: the use of augmented reality applications for high integrity product lifecycle management and training, automated horizon scanning using advanced analytical techniques, optimisation of high performance computing to achieve improved resource efficiency and, advanced data analytics to extract meaningful knowledge from big data sets.

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