Bestselling author to host two events on career education at University

15 October 2015

Bestselling author, Professor Jim Bright, will visit the University of Derby to host two events on career education next month.

The first event will be an inaugural lecture on Wednesday November 4, which will focus on the uncertainty in career development and its implications for counselling, coaching and education practice as well as policy.

The second event which will be held on Thursday November 5, titled ‘Brilliant CVs’ will be a one-day workshop based on Jim’s best-selling book, How to Write a Brilliant CV. The interactive workshop will take participants through the evidence-based model of what really does and doesn’t work in a job application. Jim will cover off everything from CV layout, to content and narrative.

Jim is a Professor of Career Education and Development at the School of Education at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) based in Sydney. He is the best-selling author of 11 books including: Brilliant Graduate CV, Resumes that Get Shortlisted and the Chaos Theory of Careers.

With a long-standing interest in evidence-based job hunting advice, Jim has extensive publishing history in career development, occupational stress and learning in academic journals.

Speaking ahead of his visit, he said: “I am thrilled and honoured to be speaking at the University of Derby. In my inaugural lecture I will be emphasising that, whether we like it or not, we live in an era of uncertainty for work, life and careers.

Proffesor Jim Bright speaking

“This means government, educators, employers and service providers need to change the way we support people to help them embrace the opportunities of uncertainty and provide them with the skills and mind-sets to live more comfortably and successfully with uncertainty.

“I am excited to be giving a workshop to careers professionals showing them how to use an evidence-based approach to job advice support based on our internationally best-selling book, How to Write a Brilliant CV, which is based on our peer reviewed published studies and research into effective job applications.”

Tristram Hooley, Professor of Career Education and Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS), at the University of Derby added: “We are very excited to welcome Professor Jim Bright to Derby as a visiting professor. He is one of the leading experts in the world in the field of career development.

“Jim originated the idea of the chaos theory of careers which has proved influential and revolutionary. His work reminds us that career plans often don’t work out and how we deal with uncertainty is one of the most important aspects of how we develop our careers.”