A taste of Korea for students

24 March 2015

Two University of Derby students will have a taste of a totally different way of life when they take part in a Korean Culture Programme exchange in May, one of their colleagues who made the trip last year has said.

The University’s Buxton campus has an annual exchange with Daegu Haany University which  allows Hotel, Resort and Spa Management students to immerse themselves in the customs, food and lifestyle of the locals, said Paulius Jakuitis.

“It’s a brilliant experience which you can’t get anywhere else,” said Paulius, from Lithuania.

“If you flew to Korea on your own you wouldn’t be surrounded by all that information – local people talking to you about what it is like to be Korean, and where Korea is going next.”

Korea culture program

Daegu Haany University has its own tourist centre on campus, with a wide range of presentations about the country – which was more rural than Paulius had expected.

Herbal medicine, traditional costumes, tea ceremonies – and even a meeting with a leading monk during meditation course in a temple were just some of his experiences.

“You can create your own picture of Korea, which is very important,” said Paulius, “and you also learn a lot about habits and the way people feel. They work long hours, but it’s not as fast-paced as in Europe: their lifestyle is a lot about wellness, fresh air and health.”

Each year, HRSM students compete for a place on the exchange programme, which includes all funding except for half the cost of their flights. This year HRSM students Andy Heyes and Alexandra Tomczyk have been selected.