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Screen displays gold University of Derby three peaks logo followed by the text #LoveDerbyUni

Natalie Clarson, College Registrar, The Registry 

"Hi, I love working at Derby because I like being part of the College Students Centre teams. It’s great to be able to support our students all the way through from enrolment to graduation. We get a lot of students in the College Student Centres that may be struggling and it's fantastic when we've been able to help and support them to achieve their degree and see them walk across the stage during graduation."

Tola Adesina, Associate Provost (Global Engagement) 

"As someone who works with international students from all around the world, I love the University of Derby because it presents an opportunity for students from over 50 countries to come and study with us. It’s such a melting pot of different nationalities."

Hannah Gibson, Engagement Co-ordinator, Student Engagement and Enhancement

"What I love about working at Derby is knowing that I'm helping to make a difference and facilitate positive change for students. Right from the moment we welcome them through the door to the end of their time with us."

Steven Brennan-Collis, Assistant Head of Discipline - Nursing

"What I love about the University of Derby is our relationship with our partner organisations, allowing excellent placement opportunities. It means our students can be the innovators and future leaders in our communities."

Sonal Godhania, Talent, Culture, Inclusion (TCI) Consultant 

"I love coming to work at the University of Derby to be part of a team of staff that are dedicated and committed to make sure our students can flourish and grow while they learn here. It's great to support our students to be their best selves and be part of their onward learning journey."

Jack Hanson, Accounting and Finance student

"I love how the University prioritises its students and tailors the resources towards our needs. I love how my lecturers and tutors are so supportive and help me achieve my potential as a student."

Naomi Bowers-Joseph, Senior Skills Officer

I love the University of Derby because it gives so many opportunities for everybody to develop their skills. Working in the Library Skills Team, I get to see that every day and it's brilliant."

Kirk Hegarty, Peak Court Hall Manager

"What I love about the University of Derby is the community feel. I work at the halls of residence, and it is such a great place for the students to come and stay and meet other people, and I think it really represents the University as a whole, which is a real, lovely, family environment."

Emma Baddiley, Assessment and Awards Manager, Student Records and Awards 

"What I love about working at the University of Derby is I get to engage with students from enrolment, straight through, see their progression to the end of their studies, and then it all ends with graduation and how we can celebrate with them on their special day."

Mo Mushtaq, Security Team Leader 

"Some of the main reasons why I love working at the University of Derby is it's a fantastic place to work, it gives amazing opportunities for students and staff."

Olivia Wilkinson, Graduate Marketing Associate, External Relations 

"I love Derby because we offer amazing opportunities to students from work experience to part-time jobs, to graduate careers."

Martin Beaumont, Interim Co-CEO, Head of Operations, Union of Students

"I love the University of Derby due to the positive impact it has on the student experience and their academic journeys. Here at the Union of Students, we have the pleasure of working with the University to deliver a variety of different activities, whether that be supporting the student voice, delivering events and activities such as Freshers, or providing clubs and societies for those students looking to socialise. It’s a pleasure to work with the University on all the things we do."

Samantha Brinded, Library Welcome Assistant 

"I love working at the University of Derby library because I remember what it was like to be a student. I remember the array of emotions from pure joy to pure panic, and I remember the consistency of the library being there for me. So I really love the fact that I now get to do that for students."

Dale Kelk, Cleaner, Estates

"What I like about Derby University is the people I work with trying to make it a clean environment for the staff and students alike to come into a nicer environment which has got that family feel to it and a sense of belonging."

Blessing Uwaje, Big Data Analytics student

"What I love about the University of Derby is the support for diversity and communal living. As an international student, I believe one of our dreams when migrating to a new country is to settle in smoothly and seamlessly and get comfortable as fast as we can. The University of Derby is a great place to be because it supports diversity and communal living, which in the long run not only helps with personal development but also professional growth, as this is what I am experiencing."

Tim Binns, Operations Manager (Quality), Buxton & Leek College

"When I first arrived six months ago, it was the people. Whatever campus that I went to, people have been very, very welcoming, very smiling, very happy. And this has been very supportive and help me settle in a lot quicker."

Bev Horne, CPMO Change Manager, Strategic Insights and Planning

"I love working here at the University because it gives me the opportunity to work with some great people. We are here to support the delivery of some really exciting projects which contribute towards future Derby, creating the next generation of game changers. Some of the benefits of these projects are that we are improving how we use our teaching spaces. We are future-proofing campuses, and we are providing high-quality, timely information for the whole of the University."

Dr Alan Williams, Academic Lead - Nursing

"I love the University of Derby because of the opportunities for scholarship and research. This means I'm better able to develop my career and support students."

Vicky Smith, Student Income Team Co-ordinator, Finance

"I love working at the University of Derby because it's a vibrant, supportive and an inclusive environment for both our staff and our students, and I enjoy helping our students along their financial journey with us."

Gareth Hughes, Head of Recruitment and Marketing, Buxton & Leek College

"What I really love about working at the University of Derby, especially here at Buxton & Leek College, is that we're helping our staff and students progress on to the next steps. We’re really working together as a large family to really put ourselves on the world map."

Eleftheria Balomenaki, Senior Project Manager, Digital Solutions and Services

"What I love about the University of Derby is the fact that there's a very good energy among students and staff. I work with lovely people and I really enjoy working with young people on a daily basis."

Arvin Johal, Graduate Marketing Associate, External Relations

"There are many different reasons as to why I love the University of Derby, But the main one for me is the different opportunities that you can seize. So being an alumnus of the University, and an ex-student, I got involved with becoming a Student Ambassador, a Content Creator, and an Academic Representative. I now look forward to making a positive impact in the graduate scheme as an Associate in Marketing."

Sharon Freeman, Administrative Assistant, Estates

"What I love about Derby is Estates. It’s been my second home for the past 15 years. We’re a dynamic team, we're constantly changing and being challenged and providing a better student experience."

Professor Ian Turner, Pedagogic Enhancement, Innovation and Research Team

"The thing I love most about the University of Derby is teaching. When teaching, I can be myself and by creating a fun and exciting environment for students, I allow them to become the best versions of themselves."

Amber Siddall, Student and Graduate Engagement Manager

"What I love about Derby is that the University has a really strong commitment to ensure that our students are ready for the workplace and to make sure that when they leave university, they’re ready to go straight into graduate-level employment."

Rev. Adam Dickens, Chaplain, Multi-Faith Centre

"What I love about Derby is that it's a community that’s big enough to contain a rich diversity of people from a whole range of traditions and backgrounds and perspectives, enabling all sorts of stimulating ideas and initiatives to emerge. But it's a community that's small enough so that you feel you can find a place within it and a real sense of belonging. That’s what I love about Derby."

Parminder Johal, Head of Discipline for Accounting, Economics and Finance

"So why I love Derby is because of the people, both the students and the staff, the passion and the opportunities it brings. But also bizarrely, because of the pace of change; it means we're never standing still."

Professor Alex Molasiotis, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Education 

"I love the University of Derby because it's a national leader in many of the programmes we run. Many of them are in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education, which I'm leading, there's a lot of creativity in the staff and the students, high levels of student satisfaction, a very strong civic agenda. And of course, Derby is very central in England, which helps with moving around."

Wisia Rossi, Senior Schools and Colleges Liaison Assistant 

"I love Derby as a staff member and as a student, I had the opportunity to explore my passion and that's why Derby’s brilliant."

Screen fades to University of Derby gold logo. 

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