Why you should consider studying an Apprenticeship! video transcript

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They're with us for three ,four years, they learn real world experiences, there also doing their academic studies and that will progress in their careers, they also feel the skill gaps that we currently have and also our attrition rates and people retiring, so right through from fabrication and welding through to our business and engineering roles.


So I can just speak to my manager and say can I go and work in logistics for a month and they agree, that it’s fine because when you start an apprenticeship, it's not you go into one sector, you've got to understand the business as a whole.


I've never, ever before this apprenticeship done anything to do with engineering, I was thinking in my head no it’s a mans role, I’m not going to go and do that and when I did more research into it, I realised, you know what I can do that so I’m doing Mechanical Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship.

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You're getting paid, you're getting that qualification and you're getting experience as well and that's really key!

Why you should consider studying an Apprenticeship! video

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