How the Mental Health Productivity Pilot Helped Us

The Mental Health Productivity Pilot (MHPP) has helped leaders of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) create a strategy to support the health and wellbeing of their staff. Read on to find out how.

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Hear from four Midlands employers talking about the impact of the support they have received from the Mental Health and Productivity pilot.

Midlands employers improving productivity through support from Mental Health & Productivity Pilot

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MHPP is helping numerous organistions initiate interventions that are not only creating a supportive, engaging environment for staff, but are also offering a positive contribution to their productivity. Here we share the steps taken by businesses that are already reaping the rewards of participating in the MHPP.

Helping a social enterprise prioritise mental health

Nottingham-based social enterprise, White Rose Recycled Fashion, has been receiving support through our Mental Health and Productivity Pilot. The overall aim is to improve the mental wellbeing of its 90 employees and 105 volunteers, whose work has been significantly affected by the pandemic.

Find out more about White Roses' storyFind out more about White Roses' story
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Since bringing the stigma of mental health into the open by supporting staff and encouraging discussion, staff report that they feel happier and better able to deal with workloads and we have seen fewer mental health related absences.

Paula Fox
Headteacher, Findern Primary School
Samantha Lewis, HR Director NMITE

Increasing staff morale and productivity through a supportive workplace

NMITE joined the Mental Health Productivity Pilot (MHPP) as an opportunity to audit their current support packages, and ensure they have additional support when required. The programme is already proving to be incredibly beneficial.

Find out how NMITE are benefiting from MHPPFind out how NMITE are benefiting from MHPP
Rhia Oliver of Access Bookings

Kate listened to our mental health journey so far, and understood exactly what we needed to move forwards in a positive way. There is no problem that I have put to her that she hasn’t found a solution to or fully guided and supported me through.

Rhia Oliver
Access Bookings
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Improving mental health communications to reduce absenteeism

TTK Confectionary decided it was time to take the guesswork out of supporting the needs of their staff and develop a framework that would improve their health and wellbeing. The impact on the organisation has already proved to be extremely encouraging.

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