Market research and technical testing

Through our team, you'll get access to the full range of research centres and development groups at the University of Derby as well as the specialist centres across our partner universities, specialist Research Institutes and test centres globally.

Market research

Whether you want to confirm the status of the market you are in, explore whether it's shrinking or growing, or indeed explore fresh new markets and understand the behaviour of the target customer base, we can put you in touch with experts to help you make commercial decisions based on sound market research data.

Our RES (Research and Evaluation Services) team are dedicated to providing you quantitative or qualitative research and analysis at commercially competitive prices.

Customer focus groups

Our facilities include two large observation rooms with viewing facilities for conducting attitudinal and customer focus group trials on selected target audiences.

Technical research/product development and testing

You may want to make sure you're complying with legislative standards or to assess and identify causes of failure. Or perhaps you simply want to analyse materials or systems in order to understand them more fully.

We can help you interpret the technical data to help you make your commercial decisions.

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a student conducting market research