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I'm Ben Anderson from AddQual. We provide inspection services and help digitise people's processes, mainly focused on aerospace or high value products.
I suppose our main reason for joining the programme was really to get some more education in the business, about how to better market ourselves, understand about how to better sell ourselves as a business and make sure that we could relate to our customers better in the selling process.
From a learning point of view we've really taken away how to better position ourselves going forward. Obviously, COVID has affected everybody, especially here in the aerospace sector. So, we want to make sure that we can identify new markets, new sectors. And in doing so, hopefully this course will allow us to be better prepared from a marketing point of view, communication point of view and also a sales point of view.
I think it's been really good, and it's really powerful to understand how this relates to other people's businesses and, in some cases I've been able to take some examples and think "ah yeah! I can relate to that". All the way down to the quick casual chats and breakout sessions and just being able to chat about problems and issues that we all have with our businesses.
I think, like every business owner, you're always quite precious with your time but I think with the benefits I've seen
it is worth just taking that step back to try and take a few hours of your very busy week to digest and go through this particular course and process.

Ben Anderson Interview video

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