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University wins silver award for making campuses hedgehog friendly

From achieving the bronze award in 2021, the University of Derby has now successfully attained the silver award for making its campuses more hedgehog friendly! This blog details some of the activities the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group Derby undertook in the run-up to this achievement.

By Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group Derby - 6 January 2023

In 2021, we attained bronze accreditation. We have now gone one step further and achieved silver accreditation! This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Hedgehog Friendly Campus group who are making the campus more appealing for our spiky residents. This is how we achieved it:

A cartoon hedgehod wearing a graduation cap and holding a scroll. Underneath reads 'Silver Award 2021/22'

What’s next for us? Going for gold accreditation!

This involves helping other hedgehog-friendly campus teams, running a campaign that ensures the lasting legacy of hedgehogs on campus and completing hedgehog surveys in the local community, to name a few.

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Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group Derby
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Hedgehog Friendly Campus Derby started in April 2020. We have 24 students and staff from across the University involved. We would love to have more people join our Hedgehog Friendly Campus Team here at Derby University to create the safest campus environment possible for hedgehogs.