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New Year’s Resolutions

Are you setting your New Year’s Resolutions? Izzy Moxham-Mead talks to students Avgi Kamberi, Izzy Busk and Charlotte Howes about how to go about setting resolutions - and what they came up with.

14 January 2022

How do I set my New Year’s resolutions?

Avgi Kamberi

To achieve my goals, I prefer to set daily tasks in my planner. This will ease the process and help me get where I want. There are times when I do not manage to do everything I want. Therefore, I like booking some time off during the weekend and finishing what I’ve started. This gives me the opportunity to start the next week fresh.

As much as I believe it’s important to complete all of your tasks for the week, taking regular breaks is a must-do. I love taking time off and going for walks or hikes out of the city with my friends or doing something spontaneous. It helps me refresh and recharge.

One of my goals for the upcoming year is to find the right balance between working towards my goals and taking the needed time off. At the end of the day, they complement each other, don’t they? We wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals without looking after ourselves first and doing the activities that we enjoy the most.


Sometimes, it just doesn’t go to plan. Fate works in mysterious ways, and we can easily find our lives taking drastic turns at any moment. But, if we learn to be adaptable, prioritise our health and our goals, we can still achieve some, if not all our resolutions.

The key is to not let stress build up too much and talk to people around you about things. A fresh perspective can help. As a general bonus tip, a shower, a glass of water, some fruit and perhaps a walk is a great combo for both physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll find yourself thinking more clearly afterwards.

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Izzy Busk

Create a better work/life balance

I have realised that I find it hard to work and relax in the same space, such as working at my desk in my bedroom. To improve this, I want to use the library’s study space to complete my work and maybe even start a study group with other people in my class. This will help me switch off and relax when at home.

Be more active

Although a gym membership is not feasible with the budget that I have as a student, I would like to be more active by going on more walks to local parks or around the city.

Put myself out there

Next year, I will be graduating. To work towards this, I would like to build my CV by reaching out to brands and companies for any experience they can offer me. This is something I struggle doing, but I know that doing it will boost my confidence, as well as my CV for when I graduate.

Charlotte Howes

I ultimately want to do something that will make some part of my life better. From being emotionally fulfilling (crying at character deaths in the Walking Dead) to furthering my career as a writer, my resolutions will hopefully achieve this.

Benefits of the New Year’s Resolutions

You will only be able to reap the rewards of setting your New Year’s resolutions if you commit to achieving them. No-one said it would be easy because it won’t. Benefits are very dependent on what goals you set. But the main advantage that all New Year’s resolutions have in common is building healthy habits! Because, if you turn setting and achieving goals into something regular, you will become the biggest ‘benefit’ yourself! Especially if your goals are education and career centred. This will put you ahead of your peers and most definitely help you secure that grad job!

We hope this blog post has helped you set your own resolutions for 2022.