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Course length

2 years

Lecture/workshop days - dates/times

One day per week at the University

Course description

An Assistant Practitioner is a worker who competently delivers Health and Social Care to and for people, having a required level of knowledge and skill beyond that of the traditional health care assistant or support worker. They are able to deliver elements of Health and Social Care that have previously been within the remit of registered professionals.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge to improve the holistic view of the patient or service user; look no further than the Assistant Practitioner Higher Apprenticeship at the University of Derby. This is a flexible apprenticeship that can be tailored for any role within health and social care and will improve your confidence when dealing with challenging situations.

A smiling male nurse with thinning hair wraps the ankle of a female nurse in a bandage.

Who is this course for?

For individuals

For organisations

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Structure, certificates and assessment

Level 4

  • Working in Health and Social Care
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Reflection and Learning for Personal and Professional Development

 Optional Module

  • Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Knowledge and Skills for Practice


Level 5

  • Continuing Development in Lifelong Learning
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Care worker

Option Module:
Influencing change in Health and Social Care (Double Module)


Entry requirements

We welcome and encourage applications from people of all ages as long as they can be considered adequately prepared to succeed on the programme. If apprentices have few or no formal qualifications, they may be able to gain entry to the programme if they have the required communication and learning skills as well as the knowledge, experience and motivation to succeed. All apprentices will be asked to provide evidence of academic potential and commitment to confirm their ability to undertake the programme.

Individual employers will also set their own selection criteria and typical entry requirements and we will work with them concerning entry.

To apply for this apprenticeship you must currently be in paid employment of at least 30 hours per week. Your employer must cover the costs of the apprenticeship.

Interview information

Fees and funding


Cost of the apprenticeship will normally be in line with the funding band £12,000, but individual agreements will be considered depending on student numbers and involvement of employers.


Fees will be paid by your employer with government funded support or through the apprenticeship levy.

Additional costs and optional extras

How to apply

For more information call +44 (0)800 001 5500 or email

Applications to this apprenticeship will need to be made through the employer. If you are an individual who is not yet employed within this sector, you may find the following links useful:

Contact us

Apprenticeship Hub +44 (0)800 001 5500

Additional information about your studies

Additional costs and optional extras

We’re committed to providing you with an outstanding learning experience. Our expert teaching, excellent facilities and great employability prepare you for your future career. As part of our commitment to you we aim to keep any additional study costs to a minimum. However, there are occasions where students may incur some additional costs.

The information below is correct for entry in the academic year September 2020 - August 2021 only. Entry for future academic years may be subject to change.

Optional costs not included in your fees

Professional NMC membership required to practice. More details can be found on the NMC website.