Staff profile

Wayne Carter

CNC Technical Advisor at IISE


Wayne Carter is the CNC Technical Advisor at IISE. His role within the institute covers the use and management of CNC machines, selection of tooling, fixturing and materials used in research projects delivered by IISE on the CNC machines.

He has a broad range of industrial engineering experience in machine programming, process optimisation, CAD/CAM and inspection processes (CMM). With experience in machining complex parts from various industries, including: rail, aerospace, bespoke machinery, nuclear, motorsport, defense, medical, thermoform and injection mold tooling.

Wayne looks forward to collaborating with industrial partners, the institute’s technical team and students on future projects here at IISE. Offering support and advice in searching for and delivering innovative machining and manufacturing processes for the various elements produced at IISE’s advanced 3D manufacturing facility.