research student

Wafaa Abduljaleel Kadhim Alwali

Postgraduate Research Student

Wafaa sitting at a desk writing.


College of Science and Engineering



My research aims to critically assess the current theatre design in order to identify the effect of the quality of light and acoustics on performer’s health and well-being. It will introduce an architectural strategy to design lighting and acoustical conditions that are not detrimental to, or improve the health and wellbeing of the performers in theatrical spaces. However, research interest in the field of light and acoustics has failed to pay significant critical attention to health and wellbeing of performers, therefore this study is designed to fill the literature gap by answering the following question: What are the effects of light and acoustics in theatrical spaces on health and wellbeing of the performers on stage?

Thesis title 

Constructing Reality in Theatrical Spaces by Balancing Rhythm and Harmony of Lighting and Acoustics to Grant Performers Health and Wellbeing.