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Tanya Malhotra

Postgraduate Research Student

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College of Arts, Humanities and Education



I am the first scholar to enrol in a PhD program in the Journalism department at the University of Derby. My research focuses on comparing coverage of sexual violence cases by media based on ethical grounds before and after the 17 December 2012 Delhi gang-rape case. I believe that the way media reports rape directly affects the way society perceives sexual crimes and my research tries to understand the extension of the problem by doing a comparative analysis of Indian and British media reports on rape and other sexual crimes.

Alongside my research, I have been involved with the University as a teaching assistant for the Journalism Foundation degree programme. I also helped organise and host the event “(Re) presenting cover girls exploring female diversity in glossy magazines” at the University of Derby. My research interests are media and gender.

Thesis title 

Sexual assault on women covered by media: a comprehensive comparative study of newspaper(s) coverage in India and the UK