research student

Sulaiman Alshebli

Postgraduate Research Student







The aim of the research is to develop an effective framework to improve cybersecurity defence solutions using Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The researcher will use a biometric authentication technique based on the features extracted from face-iris images to achieve this aim. Machine Learning and Deep Learning both are powerful and useful subsets of Artificial Intelligent (AI), but we must be sufficiently aware of how to apply them. In addition, the researcher needs to use his experience and work with experts to capture their knowledge for developing an effective algorithm to reveal the security issues. Cyber threats are not static, but they are ever-changing, and cyber adversaries are a growing threat to every business and government entity that need to ensure the protection of personal data, customer data, banking information, and health information. The information must be protected but traditional methods of cyber defence have been largely ineffective against current threats.

Title of thesis 

The Cyber Security Biometric Authentication based on Liveness Face-Iris Images and Machine Learning.