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Dr Sian Davies-Vollum

Head of Geoscience




College of Life and Natural Sciences


School of Environmental Sciences


Derby Campus


Head of Geoscience

Teaching responsibilities

I teach in modules across the Geology and Geography programmes. I am experienced in curriculum design and development and have published a number of articles on teaching and learning in Higher Education

Research interests

I am a clastic sedimentologist and have a particular interest in how sedimentology can be used to understand environmental and climate change. My ability to apply sedimentology across the fields of geology and environmental science in both modern and past environments has resulted in a broad range of successful international and national collaborations, research publications and funding. Current research projects include shoreline change and sea level rise in Ghana and the Geology of the National Coal Mining Museum. 

Membership of professional bodies

International Assocation of Sedimentologists

British Sedimentological Research Group






B.A. (Hons)

Recent conferences

International experience

I was an academic in the USA for 18 years (1994-2012) with posts at the Smithsonian Institution, Amherst College, Ball State University, Pomona College and the University of Washington-Tacoma (UWT). At UWT I was an Associate Professor with tenure and spent time as the Coordinator of the Environmental Science Programme. I have also led study abroad trip for US students visiting Europe and taught on four Semester at Sea voyages visiting countries around the world.

Recent publications

Davies-Vollum, K.S., P. D. Guion, J. Knight & A. Smith, Guide to the Geology of the National Coal Mining Museum (Caphouse Colliery), submitted to the Journal of the Yorkshire Geological Society


Davies-Vollum, K.S. and West, M., 2015 Shoreline change and sea level rise at the Muni-Pomadze coastal wetlands (Ramsar site), Ghana, Journal of Coastal Conservation v 19 (4): 515-525.


Selkin, P.A., Boyle, J., Carlini, A.A., Davies-Vollum, K.S., Dunn, R., Kohn, M.J., Madden, R.H. and Strömberg, C. A. E., 2015, Climate, dust and fire across the Eocene-Oligocene transition, Patagonia, Geology 43: 567-570.


Guion, P. and Davies-Vollum, K.S., 2013, Coal-bearing fluvio-lacustrine deposits of the Westphalian (Pennsylvanian) of the East Pennines, Field Guide, International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology, Leeds


Davies-Vollum, K.S., Guion, P.D., Suthren, R. and Satterfield, D., 2012, Lacustrine delta deposits and their effects on coal mining in a surface mine in Derbyshire, England. International Journal of Coal Geology 102: 52-74.


Greengrove, C.L., Horner, R.A., Davies-Vollum, K.S., Postel, J.R., Gawel, J.E., and A. Cox, A., 2011, Spatial distribution of benthic cysts of Alexandrium catenella in surface sediments of Puget Sound, Washington, USA, Harmful Algae 11: 96-105.


Davies-Vollum, K.S., Boucher, L.D., Hudson P., Proskurowski, A.Y., 2011, A Late Cretaceous coniferous woodland from the San Juan Basin, New Mexico, Palaios: 26: 89-98


Davies-Vollum, K.S., Greengrove. C.L., 2010, Developing a “Gateway” Course to Prepare Non-traditional Students for Success in Upper Division Science Courses, Journal of College Science Teaching 40: 28-33.

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