Dr Sally Shahzad

Position: Lecturer in Architectural Technology

College: College of Engineering and Technology

Department: Mechanical Engineering and the Built Environment

Subject area: Architecture and Built Environment

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I am a Lecturer in Architectural Technology at the University of Derby, where I supervise postgraduate and undergraduate students. I deliver a variety of subjects including Studio, Environmental, Structural, and Computer Aided Design. I apply practice-based and research-led teaching approaches.

Currently, I collaborate on research with a team of engineers in the University of Sheffield. My research interests are environmental design, thermal comfort, Post Occupancy Evaluation, health, and energy efficiency based on my Post Doctoral Research Fellowship in the University of Leeds (2014) and my Doctoral Research. I graduated my PhD in Architecture in Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh in 2014. I applied a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches to compare environmental control in the British open plan and Norwegian cellular plan offices. My research led to the formulation of specific strategies to enhance opportunities to provide thermal comfort in the workplace. I was a tutor in environmental design and architecture at the University of Edinburgh for three years, as well as a house warden for four years. I was the co-editor of the Edinburgh Architecture Research Journal in 2013 and the organiser of the Prokalo Weekly Seminars in architecture in 2010. I received the Edinburgh Award twice in 2012 and 2013 for assisting students and my extra-curricular commitment to the University of Edinburgh.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach architectural technology and deliver variety of subjects including Studio, Environmental, Structural, and Computer Aided Design. I pass on my expertise in human comfort, satisfaction, sustainable criteria, and Post Occupancy Evaluation combined with aesthetics. My interests are in practice based and research led approaches with a particular emphasis on constructivism, cognitive alignment of teaching and learning methods, assessment and learning outcomes. I enjoy student engagement and involvement in different activities, as part of the learning process. I teach as part of a team of architects and engineers delivering different modules to Architectural Technology and Venue Design and Interior Architecture students. I supervise PhD candidates in Post Occupancy Evaluation and health subjects.

Research interests

I am interested in practical research subjects relevant to current difficulties of climate change, economic challenges and energy crisis. Currently, I am a research visitor at the University of Sheffield collaborating with a team of researchers in the Engineering Department of this university. Together we published a book chapter, several journal and conference papers and we are working on developing several research projects.

As a research fellow in the University of Leeds, I worked with a team of researchers on various projects on thermal comfort, energy and vernacular architecture, such as a wind-catcher and a stadium. I developed and led a research project on thermal control in the workplace to balance energy and comfort. My doctoral research focused on thermal comfort and control in the workplace. I compared the environmental control in the Norwegian cellular plan and the British open plan offices. The former provided high levels of individual control over the thermal environment, while the latter provided limited thermal control for occupants seated around the perimeter of the building. Field Studies of Thermal Comfort were applied, with a particular emphasis on grounded theory using survey questionnaires, interviews and environmental measurements. I received several grants for my research, such as Edinburgh Postgraduate Research grant from the UK, the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) Grant from Greece, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Grant from Germany. My main research interests include: 

  • Thermal Comfort
  • Environmental Control
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Low Carbon Design

Recent publications

Book chapter:

Calautit, J.K., Shahzad, S. Hughes, B. R., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D. 2015. Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency in a Naturally Ventilated Office: CFD, BTM and a Field Study in Hynes. In Natural Ventilation: Strategies, Health Implications and Impacts on the Environment, Nova Science Publishers

Journal publication: 

Calautit, J.K., Hughes, B.  Shahzad, S. 2015. CFD and wind tunnel study of the performance of a uni-directional wind catcher with heat transfer devices. Renewable Energy 83: 85-99

Shahzad, S. 2005. Light. Noghte Journal, Azad University, Iran                                           

Golmohamady, M., Fouladzari, N., Shahzad, S. 2004. Awarded Architectural Design of the Technology and Research Centre of Arsh Arak Co. Architecture & Urbanism Journal, Iran

Golmohamady, M., Fouladzari, N., Shahzad, S. 2004. Awarded Architectural Design of the Technology and Research Centre of Pargasiran Co. Architecture & Urbanism Journal, Iran

Recent conferences

Shahzad, S., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D., Hughes, B. R., Calautit, J. K. 2015. Sick Building Syndrome, energy and thermal control: A Norwegian cellular vs. a British open plan office. The 5th World Sustainability Forum, Switzerland

Shahzad, S., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D., Hughes, B. R., Calautit, J. K. 2015. Health, energy and comfort. Uses Conference. University of Sheffield, UK

Shahzad, S., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D., Hughes, B. R., Calautit, J. K. 2015. Energy efficiency and user comfort in the workplace. International Conference on Applied Energy, Abu Dhabi

Shahzad, S., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D. 2014. Individual Thermal Control in the Workplace and Changes in Thermal Preferences in a Day: Norwegian Cellular vs. British Open Plan Layouts. Windsor Conference Proceedings, Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings, UK

Shahzad, S., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D. 2013. Environmental Control and Sick Building Syndrome; A Comparison between a Low Carbon Open Plan and a Cellular Plan Workplace. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE IAQ Conference Proceedings, Canada

Shahzad, S., Brennan, J., Theodossopoulos, D. 2013. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Methodologies to Investigate Environmental Control in the Workplace: Neutral Thermal Sensation and Thermal Environmental Intention. PLEA Conference Proceedings, Sustainable Architecture for a Renewable Future, Germany

Parsanejad P. & Shahzad, S. 2008. An Inquiry into Spatial Essence of Architectural Features through computer-Aided Abstraction. World Com Conference Proceedings, USA

Shahzad, S. 2006. The Threshold between Micro and Macro Environments. World Com Conference Proceedings, USA    

Experience in industry

I am an architect and I practiced architecture in a multidisciplinary office for four years, as a team member and as a team leader in charge of different design projects. I handled various projects, including hospitals, commercial, residential, and sports complexes, from concept and design to final stages of construction, which required communication with contractors and clients as well as team members from different disciplines, such as lighting, electrical and civil engineering. Two of my projects were awarded and published in Architecture and Urbanism Journal in 2004. I encouraged the principal architect to recognise climatic conditions, sustainable criteria, and to design accordingly. My interest is to combine aesthetics with sustainable and human comfort criteria in architecture. 

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