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Spencer Ryan-Prewett

Lecturer in Business and Management

Spencer Ryan-Prewett




College of Business, Law and Social Sciences


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University of Derby Online Learning



I have 20 years experience in Economic Development, Education, Employment and Business Support. This has led to the securing and delivery of £80m+ of public sector contracts across the UK and Europe working with and supporting over 20,000 SMEs. This has developed high-level skills in Contract Negotiation, Strategic Planning & Implementation, Operational Management, Employer Engagement, Stakeholder Management, HR and Organisational Development. I have worked with the public sector throughout my career from Parish, District and County Councils through to Ministers and Government Departments. I was formerly a Board Member of the Safer Nottinghamshire Board as the County Business Representative (under Mick Burrows – Former CEO of NCC) and a Member of a United Nations Advisory Group for Crime Prevention and Counter Terrorism. As Chief Executive of an Enterprise Agency, I ran an Apprenticeship division of the Company and have designed and delivered the CMI Level 8 (PhD Level) Strategic Management qualification on behalf of North Nottinghamshire College. My consulting activities have enabled me to undertake a breadth of projects working under the direction of clients such as; The Hungarian Minister of Finance, the Head of Intellectual Property for Hewlett Packard, the Head of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and numerous MEPs from across Europe. This work has incorporated clients such as Rolls Royce, JCB, Caterpillar and Toyota in addition to smaller organisations across the East Midlands.

Research interests

I am interested in all areas concerned with the development and growth of business. I have a particular interest in Entrepreneurship and the impact that this has on business when the organisation figure-head is highly entrepreneurial. This also ties in with consideration of the impact of public sector investment in business and how this leads to business development and growth incorporating employment growth, training and development.

Membership of professional bodies

Chartered Manager – Chartered Management Institute


Additional interests and activities

I am a bit of a traditionalist in the sense that my family comes first and I love spending time with my wife and children. I have a good age range across my three children on the basis that I have a five year old Son and two daughters aged 15 and 19. One of the best things in life is being able to laugh and I have a huge appreciation for anyone/anything that can make me laugh.