Dr Philip Hodgson

Dr Phil Hodgson

Position: Head of Law, Criminology and Social Sciences

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department: Law, Criminology and Social Sciences

Subject area: Criminology

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I am currently the Head of Department for Law, Criminology and Social Sciences and Deputy Director of the International Policing and Justice Institute (IPJI). I feel privileged to lead the department which offers a number of exciting undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the subject areas of Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Policing, Law, Sociology and International Relations. From 2017 our portfolio will be expanding to include Social Policy and Politics programmes.

I also act as the UK lead on Policing for IPJI and continue to be research active and contributed to the recent REF.

Teaching responsibilities

I have taught across a wide range of subjects within the Criminology field but latterly I have focused on both Master and PhD Supervision.

Research interests

I have conducted research within a number of areas of criminology which include young people, exclusion, policing, partnerships, drugs, probation and anti-social behaviour.

Membership of professional bodies

  • The Howard League
  • British Society of Criminology
  • Health and Care Professional Council
  • Institute Leadership and Management
  • Society of Evidence Based Policing.


  • BA (Hons)
  • CQSW
  • PgCert
  • MPhil (Cantab)
  • FHEA
  • MBA
  • PhD.

Recent publications

  • Hodgson, P. and Webb, D. R., (2005) "Young People, Crime and School Exclusion:  A Case of Some Surprises". Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 44, No 1
  • Hodgson, P., Parker, A. and Seddon, T. (2006), Doing Drugs Research in the Criminal Justice System: Some notes from the field, Addiction Research and Theory 14 253-264
  • Hodgson, P. (2010) Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, in Barnard, A. Key issues in Health and Social Care. London:Routledge
  • Maguire, K. Hodgson, P, Kamoche, K. Long, M. and  Love, K. (2013) ‘We’ve stood on that precipice’: Police, organisation, and the anomalous Child Protection Unit. Social Work & Social Sciences Review 16(1) 
  • Wilson, A. and Hodgson, P. (2012), Trust, Coercion and Care: Researching Marginalised Groups, in Kevin Love (ed.) Ethics in Social Research (Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Volume 12), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.111-128
  • Sutton, M. and Hodgson, P. (2013) The Problem of Zombie Cops in Voodoo Criminology: Arresting the Police Patrol 100 Yard Myth Internet Journal of Criminology. June 2013
  • Wilson , A. and Hodgson, P. (2013) Elusive Evidence: Hard-to-Reach Drug Users and the Missing Values in Drug Policy Decision Making. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice. Feb 2013
  • Noor Mohamed, J. Hargreaves, C. Hodgson, P. (2014) An Independent Evaluation of the Nottingham DrugAware Programme. University of Derby
  • Hargreaves, C; Noor – Mohamed, J. Hodgson, P. (2014) Derby Priority Families ; An Independent Evaluation. University of Derby
  • Hopkins-Burke, R. & Hodgson. P. (2015) Anti Social Behaviour, Community and Radical Moral Communitarianism. Law, Crime Justice and Society. Cogent Social Sciences.

Recent conferences

  • Hodgson. P. (2004) Crime and School Exclusion- Breaking the Link British Criminology Conference, University of Portsmouth, July 4-6 July
  • Hodgson, P and Long, M. The Rhetoric and the Reality of Partnership Working in the Crime and Drugs Arena- A Case Study. British Criminology Conference. University of Huddersfield July 9th – 11th.
  • Hodgson. P. and Wilson, A. (2009) Minimizing Attrition in longitudinal research with drug using offenders British Criminology Conference, University of Cardiff June 29th – July 1st
  • Sutton, M. Hodgson, P. and Hamilton, P. (2011) The Problem of Zombie Cops in Voodoo Criminology New National Deviancy Conference, York, 29th June – 1st July 2011
  • Long; M. Hodgson, P. Maguire, K.; Kamoche, K. and Love, K. (2012) The criminal justice practitioner as risk-assessor Nottingham Trent University Alternative Futures II Conference – February 22nd 2012
  • Hopkins- Burke, R. Hodgson, P. (2013) Responding to Anti-Social Behaviour Nottingham Trent University Alternative Futures II Conference – February 13th 2013
  • Hopkins- Burke, R. Hodgson, P. (2013) Responding to Anti-Social Behaviour and Moral Communitarianism British Criminology Conference, University of Wolverhampton July 2nd-4th
  • Hodgson. P. and Hargreaves. C (2015) Youth Restorative Disposals- Findings from a Cohort study. British Society of Criminology. University of Portsmouth 30th June – 3rd July 2015 
  • Hargreaves. C and Hodgson, P. (2015) Working with Troubled Families in a Local Context 7th Asian Criminological Society Conference - June 2015 City University of Hong Kong
  • Hodgson. P. and Hargreaves. C (2015) “Is diversion the best policy? A follow up study of young people who undertook a Youth Restorative Disposal during the previous twelve months. 7th Asian Criminological Society Conference- June 28th – July 1st 2015 City University of Hong Kong
  • Trovati, M; Hodgson, P. Hargreaves, C. (2015) A preliminary Investigation on a Semi-Automatic Criminology Intelligence Extraction Method: A Big Data Approach. International Conference on Intelligent networking and collaborative Systems. Tapei, Taiwan, Sept 2-4 June.

Additional interests and activities

  • Member of Nottinghamshire PCC Audit and Scrutiny Panel
  • External Examiner DMU (Criminology)
  • Editor Cogent Social Sciences.

Experience in industry

I have worked within the criminal justice sector in various capacities for over twenty years. This includes policing, probation, youth justice and the drugs arena.

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