Staff profile

Olushola Sapara

Associate Lecturer


Computing, Marketing


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences


Derby Business School, Electronics, Computing and Mathematics


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am an Associate Lecturer in the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Teaching responsibilities

I am responsible for the teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Undergraduate teaching responsibility- Module tutor for

The Corporate IT Landscape (5IM507)
Business Simulation (5IM500)
Introduction to Operations Management and Information (4LO504)


Postgraduate teaching responsibility - Module leader for

Enterprise Systems Management (7LO505)

Professional interests

My professional interests cuts across the fields of Information Governance, Consumer Behaviour to pervasive computing and the management of IS and IT generally.

Research interests

I am conducting my PhD research in the college of Engineering and Technology in the department of Computing and Mathematics. My research is focused on understanding the behaviour and perception of Late Adopters to M-Banking.

I am currently at the data gathering phase of this research.


I hold a BSc (Bachelor of Science honours degree) in Information Technology, a PGC (Post Graduate Certificate) in Law and a MRes (Master of Research) all from the University of Derby.

Experience in industry

I started my career in IT in Quanteq Technology Services Limited (Nigeria) where I worked as an IT officer before I came to the UK. I worked as an Analyst for npower and later worked as a Project Manager and Enterprise Solutions Manager for Techspecialist Consulting Limited.

International experience

I worked as an IT Officer at Quanteq Technology Services LTD and Techspecialist Consulting LTD (both IT Consulting firms) in Nigeria.

Additional interests and activities

I like reading and giving speech. I would also welcome contact from academics or practitioners around my research interests or the programme that I am involved with. I can be contacted through email, my email address is shown on the right side of this page.