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Mary-Anne Tree

Postgraduate Research Student

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English, Creative Writing and Publishing


College of Arts, Humanities and Education





I am currently completing a PhD under the umbrella of Creative Writing. My main research interests include: exploring the language of traumatic experience and healing, the use of healing art as a recovery medium from mental health issues, and exploring unusual experiences that might closely mirror mental health issues leading to a mis-diagnosis. My research has led me through an interesting maze in which I have explored the seemingly disparate realms of past military and CIA mind control programmes, people’s experiences of electro-hypersensitivity, and also paranormal experiences.

I have a deep interest in trauma theory and its representation in the novel form.  I also have a particular interest in the genre and use of magic realism as a tool for writing out of traumatic experiences. Currently, I have a novel in progress regarding my explorations, with the working title of The Vanishing Mountain.

My research particularly focuses on the literature of Janet Frame, Toni Morrison and Marge Piercy.

Thesis title

Creating cures, healing minds and the patient perspective/The Vanishing Mountain: a novel; an exploration into language which bridges the divide between traumatic experience and the publishable form of the novel


Teaching responsibilities

I teach English in further education settings and in the community.