Staff profile

Joatan Dutra

Assistant Lecturer


College of Arts, Humanities and Education





Lecturer in the fields of digital media and design.

Teaching responsibilities

Multimedia Practice

Specialist Online Football Journalism

Work-Based Learning in Journalism

Independent Study

Research interests

Interested in how the users can interact and navigate through context-aware information in a variety set of formats:

  • Museum applications
  • Mobile games 
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile apps
  • Virtual reality
  • Among infinite interface design possibilities



Experience in industry

Industry experience in graphic design, web, iconography, and media design with emphasis on mobile interaction with cultural spaces.

International experience

Along with my degrees, I diversified my subject portfolio and built a very strong international network by participating in several courses, conferences, training schools and workshops with a variety of multi and interdisciplinary subjects such as augmented reality, games for cities, ICTs for sustainable tourism, smart cities and urban interaction design.

Recent publications