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Dr Bo Yuan

Lecturer in Computing and Data Science

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Data Science Research Centre




Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am a lecturer in computing and data science with the School of Computing and Engineering and a faculty member of the Data Science Research Centre (DSRC) at the University of Derby.

My research is at the forefront of fields in artificial intelligence, specifically in the context of applied machine learning techniques and business-oriented data science to help industrial companies establish cost-effective IT infrastructures and state-of-the-art AI solutions. I am keen on teaching students at all levels to use analytics to deal with real-world problems and gain a competitive advantage of employability skill that goes beyond HE qualifications. 

I am an active researcher and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). My area of expertise includes data science for business and Cloud computing architecture design. 

Teaching responsibilities

Teaching in HE:

Ph.D. supervision:

Supervisor (Director of Study)


Looking for self-motivated Ph.D. candidates to embark upon the most trending AI and Data Science research. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested.

Professional interests

Regular reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, IEEE Access, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, Information Sciences - Journal.

Workshop Chair for MLHI2021 in UCC2021, Workshop co-chair of ScalCom2019.

Proceeding chair of UCC2016, Organising Committee of UCC2014-2016, Publicity Chair of SOSE2016.

Technical Program Committee member of MSN2021, ICMR2021, BDSIC2021, CyberLife2019-2020, ScalCom2019, DaMnet2019, RTDPCC2016-2021, BDCAT2016-2021.

Research interests

System Architectures: Edge Computing, Distributed and Decentralised Computing, P2P Computing, Socially Intelligent Computing, and Cloud Computing.

Industrial Applications: Enterprise Data Warehousing, Data Science for Virtual Reality, Big Data Visualisation, and Business Intelligence.

Recent conferences

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Experience in industry

Ongoing Research Projects (as Academic Supervisor):

KTP Project in Network Services (2019 – 2021): Partnership between the University of Derby and FP Solutions.

Completed Research Projects:

KTP Project in Virtual Reality (2019 – 2021): Partnership between the Unversity of Derby and Bloc Digital
KTP Project in Retail Business (2017 - 2019): Partnership between the University of Derby and Solutions 4 Retail Brands

International experience

UK - China International Research Collaboration

I serve as the academic representative at the University of Derby for the UK-Jiangsu 20+20 World Class University Consortium to support staff mobility and widen participation for data science and AI-related research collaborations between UK and China partners (in Jiangsu Province) in three main areas Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering, and Healthcare, with the following objectives:

We are the winner (twice) for the Pump-Priming Fund to establish multi-to-multi collaboration between research-intensive Universities in UK and Jiangsu.

Recent publications

Recent Journal Publications

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