Dr Baris Cayli

Baris Cayli

Position: Research Fellow in Criminology

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department: Criminology

Subject area: Criminology

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I was trained and educated in Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, UK and the USA. My family background and my perspective on life have canalized me to embrace cosmopolitan values based on the principles of equality, justice and tolerance. I am broadly interested in questioning the everyday life and exploring how the codes of ideal justice and sociocultural harmony promote peace and better life opportunities in plural societies whereas other fragile societies embark upon a dreadful journey of social and cultural trauma in other parts of the world. I was Impact Fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland before coming to Derby.

Professional interests

Peer reviewer for the following journals:

  • Crime, Law and Social Change
  • Sociological Inquiry
  • Violence & Victims
  • Critical Criminology
  • Gender & Society
  • California Italian Studies Journal
  • Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
  • Ethnic & Racial Studies
  • International Journal of Communication
  • Feminist Criminology.

Research interests

My research has been funded by a couple of prestigious fellowships. I received a research grant during my doctoral research from Sos Impresa, which is a prominent civil society organisation founded in Palermo against usury and organised crime. The University of Camerino has also recognised my research initiatives and its impact by giving Human Resource Excellence in Research Award in 2011. I was Impact Fellow in my previous job at the University of Stirling. I received a research grant from the British Academy to conduct archival research for two years in the Ottoman and Italian archives.

I have an interdisciplinary research agenda that covers the sub-fields of sociology, anthropology, history, criminology, politics, law and philosophy.

Research Interests:

  • Law, Society & Philosophy
  • "Crime" and conflict in human geography            
  • Sociology of Gangs and Mafias
  • Critical and symbolic interactionism
  • Cultural Sociology/Criminology
  • Crime in Comparative and Historical Studies
  • Social and Political Theory
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Social & Cultural Anthropology
  • Ottoman Empire and the Middle East
  • Terrorism and Security Studies
  • Human Trafficking and Undocumented Immigrants
  • Crime Prevention and Civil Society
  • Politics & Public Policy
  • Transnational Crime
  • International and Area Studies
  • Crime and Society in the Ottoman Empire
  • Crime and Ethnography.

Membership of professional bodies

  • British Society of Criminology
  • European Society of Criminology
  • American Sociological Association
  • ECPR Standing Group on Organized Crime
  • European Sociological Association
  • European Association for Social Anthropologists.


  • BA in Political Science (with High Honours), Bilkent University, Turkey
  • MSc in Public Administration, University of Twente, Netherlands
  • PhD in Law, Political and Social Sciences, Università degli Studi di Camerino, Italy.

Recent publications

Long peer-reviewed journal articles

1) Cayli, Baris (2017) "Peasants, Bandits, and State Intervention: The Consolidation of Authorirty in the Ottoman Balkans and Southern Italy" Journal of Agrarian Change (first online)

2) Cayli, Baris (2017) "Victims and Protest in a Social Space: Revisiting the Sociology of Emotions" Emotion, Space and Society 22(1): 61-70.

3) Cayli, Baris (2016) "The Zones of Fragility: Outlaws and the Forms of Violence in the Ottoman Empire" Journal of Historical Sociology (Ahead of print)

4) Cayli, Baris (2016) "Performance Matters More Than Masculinity: Violence, Gender Dynamics and Mafia Women" Aggression & Violent Behavior 29: 26-42.

5) Cayli, Baris. (2016) "Codes of Commitment to Crime and Resistance: Determining Social and Cultural Factors over the Behaviors of Italian Mafia Women" Deviant Behavior 37(1): 1-15.

6) Cayli, Baris. (2015) “The Ravages of Social Catastrophe: Striving for the Quest of 'Another World” Philosophy & Social Criticism 41(9): 963-980.

7) Cayli, Baris. (2014) "Renewing Criminalized and Hegemonic Cultural Landscapes" Critical Criminology 22(4): 579-593.

8) Cayli, Baris. (2013) "Using Sports against the Italian Mafia: Policies and Challenges on the Path of Cultural Renewal" Sociology of Sport Journal 30(4): 435-466.

9) Cayli, Baris. (2013) "Creating Counterpublics against the Italian Mafia: Cultural Conquerors of Web-Based Media"Javnost-the Public 20(3): 59-76.

10) Cayli, Baris. (2013) "Italian civil society against the Mafia: From perceptions to expectations" International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice 41(1): 81-99.

11) Cayli, Baris. (2012) "Resistance against the Mafia: A Civic Struggle to Defy an Uncontestable Power" Anthropological Journal of European Cultures 21(1):103-125.

12) Cayli, Baris. (2012) "The Impossible Mission: Global Justice Movement against Transnational Organized Crime" New Global Studies 6(1):1-23.

13) Cayli, Baris. (2011) "Anti-Mafia Policies in Italy: The Need for Collaborative Governance and Transition of the Policy Actors from Isolation to Coalition" European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 19(1): 15-36.

14) Cayli, Baris. (2010) "Social Networks of the Italian Mafia: The Strong and Weak Parts" CEU Political Science Journal 5(3): 382-413.

Book sections

  • Cayli, Baris. (2017) “When a Journalist defies more than the mafia: The legacy of Giuseppe Fava and Italian Antimafia Culture”  ed. R. Pickering-Iazzi, in The Italian Antimafia, New Media and the Culture of Legality. Toronto:University of Toronto Press.
  • Cayli, Baris. (2014) "Global South/Global North" in Cousins, Linwood H. and Golson, J. Geoffrey, (eds.) Encyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, pp. 590-592.
  • Cayli, Baris. (2014) "The Role of Cultural Capital" in Cousins, Linwood H. and Golson, J. Geoffrey, (eds.) Encyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, pp. 301-302.

Additional interests and activities

My second research line aims to elucidate the determinants of social and cultural dissents. The unexpected social, political and cultural changes emerge as the driving forces of social turmoil in different societies. My research focuses on the culture of dissent as the principal concept while exploring the process of oppression and its enduring outcomes. The development of new global markets, the prevalence of neocapitalism, advances in transportation and communication, foundation of new political regimes and the quest of social, political and cultural rights have created and transformed the culture of dissent throughout modern history. Exploring diverse facets of crime, resistance, public panic, political and sociocultural changes, My research aims to scrutinize how a local and global reaction of the oppression expresses its grievances and resonates its idiosyncratic formations through a set of symbols and rituals in social, political and cultural life.

Experience in industry

  • Research Associate at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

International experience

  • Visiting Academic at the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford
  • Visiting Fellow at the Center for Law & Justice, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

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