Mr Apostolos Fakis

Position: Researcher

College: College of Health and Social Care

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I am currently enrolled within the College of Health and Social Care at the University of Derby as a part time Doctorate research student undertaking the Dr of Health and Social Care Practice programme. I am working with Dr. Michael Townend (Director of Studies), Dr Helen Stoneley (Supervisor) and Dr Rachel Hilliam (Supervisor). The main aim of my research is developing new mixed method for analysing qualitative information from interviews using statistical analysis.

Professional interests

I am also working full time as Senior Medical Statistician in Research and Development Department at Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. My role is to provide help and support to all medical staff (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, consultants) designing projects which are related to health areas like Renal, Rheumatology, Hand Unit, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Palliative Care, Children's Services, Rehabilitation, Gastroenterology, Surgical Services and other specialisms within the Directorate of Medicine. I am involved in the planning and conduct of Randomised Control Trials, case-control, longitudinal, cohort, cross-over, questionnaire, evaluation, commercial and non commercial studies. I am also responsible for estimating the sample size, doing the randomisation and undertaking the data management for any research Sponsored by Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I am also providing statistical analysis, interpretation of results and reports of those studies. Finally I am helping the investigators to produce a statistically correct paper ready for publication on peer reviewed journal.

Research interests

My research interest as research student lies on the development of new mixed method for secondary quantitative analysis of primary results derived from qualitative analysis. Many researchers, especially in the mental health area, prefer to collect qualitative data for answering the primary question of their project. This happens due to more theoretical primary questions they want to answer or because they would like to develop new theory or themes. My intention is to analyse the qualitative results derived from the interviews using quantitative methods for answering their primary question. This novel approach will neither be used as confirmation or validation of the two methods - qualitative (A) and quantitative (B) - nor for replicating the results the researchers found with one of the two methods. It would be used for exploring existing hypothesis and generating new ones. My research project is currently in progress and any contribution, comment or advice from other researchers is highly welcomed.

Membership of professional bodies

Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society.
Graduate Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society.
Ex Vice-Chair of Derbyshire Research Ethics Committee
Expert reviewer of NIHR programs.


  • 4 Years BSc in Statistics, Department of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • MSc in Medical Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University

Recent publications

Christina L Hammond, Margaret F Phillips, Lorraine L Pinnington, Benedict J Pearson and Apostolos Fakis. "Appropriateness of acute admissions and last in-patient day for patients with long term neurological conditions". BMC Health Services Research, February 2009, 9:40 A. Shaw, E.E. Collins, Apostolos Fakis, P. Patel, D. Smeraro and J.N. Lund. "Colorectal surgeons and biomedical scientists improve lymph node harvest in colorectal cancer". Tech Coloproctol. 2008, Nov 18.
Maarten W Taal , Mhairi K Sigrist , Apostolos Fakis , Richard J Fluck , Christopher W McIntyre. "Markers of Arterial Stiffness Are Risk Factors for Progression to End-Stage Renal Disease among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 4 and 5". Nephron Clin Pract. 2007 Nov 1;107 (4):177-181.
Judith Tanner, Chris Blunsden and Apostolos Fakis. "National survey of hand antisepsis practices". Journal of Perioperative Practice, Vol 17; Issue 1; pages 27-37, January 2007.

Recent conferences

4-5 July 2013: European Conference of Research Methods (ECRM 2013), Guimaraes, Portugal. Awarded Best Poster Presentation "Development and Testing of Scoring Systems for Quantifying Qualitative Data through Structural Equation Modeling: A Pilot Study".
25-27 March 2013: 7th IMA International Conference on Quantitative Modelling in the Management of Health and Social Care, London. poster presentation "Development and Testing of Scoring Systems for Quantifying Qualitative Data through Structural Equation Modeling: A Pilot Study".

Additional interests and activities

I really love playing handball. I started at the age of 12 in Greece and I am currently playing in UK as I am member of the Nottingham Handball Club since 2005. I also like playing and watching football. I am also keen on traveling around England and Europe.

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