Professor Alex Nunn

Alex Nunn

Position: Professor of Global Political Economy

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Subject area: Social Science

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I am Professor of Global Political Economy in the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences. Prior to this I was at Leeds Beckett University in the Politics and International Relations group and was the founding Director of the Centre for Applied Social Research and Director of the Policy Research Institute.

My academic research focuses on the role of the logic of competitiveness and crisis in the reshaping of the global political economy, social policy and inequality. I am particularly interested in the embedding of trends in political economy in detailed institutional and social practices.

I have also undertaken a large number of applied research and consultancy projects on behalf of central and local government organisations in the UK and for international organisations such as the Council of Europe and European Commission. This work focuses on social and labour market policy and governance.  For instance, I regularly lead large, inter-disciplinary research teams to undertake policy evaluations etc.  I am currently working on a project for the Inter-American Development Bank.

More details of my publications can be found at:

Follow me on Twitter: @Alexnunn1

Teaching responsibilities

I will be teaching on the sociology, social policy, politics and international relations programmes.

I would welcome PhD applications in the following areas:

  • Inequality in the UK, Europe or globally;
  • Social mobility;
  • Class and class politics;
  • Gender, political economy and social reproduction;
  • the political economy of crisis;
  • labour market policy and governance.
  • the political economy of Brexit; and
  • General issues in global political economy.

Research interests

I have two broad areas of research ongoing at the moment. The first relates to the political economy of inequality at all scales from the global through to the local. The second relates to the governance and organisation of labour markets and the provision of labour market services.

Membership of professional bodies

  • International Studies Association
  • Political Studies Association
  • Initiative for International Political Economy
  • I am a former convener of the International Political Economy Group (IPEG) of the British International Studies Association.


  • 2005: PhD, University of Manchester, The Political Economy of Crisis and Global Governance
  • 1999: MA (Econ), Political Development, University of Manchester
  • 1998: B.Soc.Sci. (Hons), Politics, University of Manchester.

Recent publications

  • Nunn, Alex and Price, Sophia, (2017), “Managing Neo-liberalisation through Sustainable Development”, Third World Thematics.
  • Nunn, Alex and White, Paul (2017),  “The IMF and a New Global Politics of Inequality”, Journal of Australian Political Economy, Special Issue on Global Inequality, 78, Summer.
  • Nunn, Alex and Tepe-Belfrage, D. (2017) “Disciplinary Social Policy and the failing promise of the New Middle Classes: The Troubled Families Programme", Social Policy and Society, Special Issue on Troubled Families Programme, 16:1, pp119-129.
  • Nunn, Alex (2016) “Producing and Reproducing Inequality in times of Austerity”, British Politics – Special Issue on Households and Austerity, 11:4, pp469-487.
  • Nunn, Alex (2016), “World Society and a World State in the Shadow of the World Market:  Democracy and Global Political Economy” , in Offor and Badru (eds), Transnational Democracy, Human Rights and Race Relations, Create Media., With Jamie Morgan.
  • Nunn, Alex (2015), Trends and Developments in PES Partnership Working, Brussels: European Commission.
  • Nunn, Alex, (2015) “Saving World Market Society from itself?  The New Global Politics of Inequality and the agents of World Market Society”, Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies, 7:2.
  • Nunn, Alex and Beeckmans, Paul (2015), “The Political Economy of Competitiveness and Continuous Adjustment in EU Meta-Governance”, International Journal of Public Administration, 38:12.
  • Nunn, Alex (2014), The contested and contingent outcomes of Thatcherism in the UK. Capital & Class, 38(2), 303-321.

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