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Postgraduate Research Student

Adetutu is a postgraduate research student within the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Programme Leader for Civil Engineering Construction Management

Martin Adlington is the Head of Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, Programme Leader, Senior Lecturer, Assessor and External Examiner with significant experience in all aspects of learning, development and education over 18 years.

Senior Lecturer in Geology

Adrian is a Senior Lecturer in Geology and the Study Abroad Coordinator for Geology.

Reader in intelligent instrumentation

Dr Ahmad Kharaz is a reader in intelligent instrumentation. Dr Kharaz has extensive experience over many years of undertaking precision measurements, in a wide variety of contexts.

Lecturer in Business and Management

Dr Ahmed Timsal is a Lecturer of Business & Management, with the Derby Business School, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a certified Chartered Manager from CMI. 

Research Student

Aimeric is a PhD student who enjoys algebra, statistics and mathematics in general, computer programming, and physics, in particular, cosmology, particle physics and astronomy.

Postgraduate Research Student

Akinniyi is a Postgraduate Research Student in the field of Geology. He is also a fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of the PESGB (Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain) and Ussher Society.

Postgraduate Research Student

Walid Khalid Al Saad is a researcher at the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement (CSCI)/ University of Derby. My current research investigates the impact of Industry 5.0 sustainability-oriented innovations on warehousing activities to support

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Alaa AlZoubi is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the College of Science and Engineering, and a research active member of the School of Computing where he teaches and leads modules in computer science at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr AlZoubi's research interests include Machine/Deep Learning, Explainable AI and Computer Vision.

Lecturer in International Education

Alan Bazeley is a lecturer in International Education at the University of Derby, focusing on the online modules for the iPGCE course.

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